We Develop Virtual Reality Games for Arcades.


Want to give your friends or clients a quick introduction into the world of Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality Arcade Games


African Adventure

The African Adventure virtual reality game takes players on a quick Zip Line tour in Africa where they can view some of the most popular game Africa is famous for!

Some of the Animals include: Zebras Springbucks, Kudus, Giraffes, Elephants, Hyenas , Rhinos, Hippopotamus and Lions.

Experience the Tranquility of Africa while Zip-Lining and Face your fear with this Virtual Reality Game and the twist in the end.


Dangerous Dinosaurs

In this virtual reality game you get to see some dinosaurs while floating down a river.


Mars Mines

This game is only for the brave! In the game players are teleport-ed to a scene on mars. Instead of going up with a elevator you will be going down a mine shaft on mars. Be-warned this is not for the faint hearten!


Walk the Plank

Do you have a fear of heights? Walk the plank and discover why seeing is believing! If you have a heights phobia this is your change to overcome your fear of heights!

Get into the elevator and go to the top floor and walk out onto the plank!